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Tracks, rides and meadows

We have designed our tracks and rides to allow access to the different areas of the reserve and to maximise shelter and sunshine.


Some of the rides will have useful layering; the centres will be cut yearly with a scythe at the end of the summer. Small areas will be scraped as bare ground which is good for invertebrates, reptiles and flora. The next layer will be cut on a rotation every 4 years to provide low dense shelter. The third layer will be fruiting and flowering shrubs and young trees which will be the final transition to the high canopy woods.

We are in the process of creating a large meadow adjacent to the woods and the site of our 6 ponds. We are cutting and removing the grass every year to deplete the nutrients before we sow any expensive flower seed.

The meadow will be in full sun but also sheltered by the hedgerow.



access track.jpg