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Wildlife Ponds

Ponds are rich habitats for many animal and plant species and vital when it comes to biodiversity and ecosystem health. This is because they provide a very natural habitat that many freshwater species rely on for their survival. In fact, we know that nationally, about two thirds of all Britain’s freshwater plants and animals can be found in permanent and temporary ponds.

Ponds have been around for millions of years but their future is under threat from urbanisation, intensive agriculture, development of waterways and land drainage.  

Forget-me-not Woods has created six brand new ponds as a little contribution to the Million Ponds Project!

What is the Million Ponds Project?

The Million Ponds Project aims to create an extensive network of new ponds across the UK, to reverse a century of pond loss and ensure that once again the UK has over one million countryside ponds.

A critical element of the project is that these new ponds will have clean water. This is important because most countryside ponds are now badly damaged by pollution, and evidence shows that pond wildlife is declining across the UK. Making clean new ponds is one of the simplest and most effective ways to protect freshwater wildlife.