Plant a tree


to commemorate the birth of a baby

to say happy birthday

to say happy anniversary

to celebrate a special occasion

in someone's memory

to offset your carbon footprint

just because you want to!


More about the tree planting experience

With this unique gift you will receive a photograph of your tree being planted along with its exact location.

Plus, you will be granted lifelong right of access to visit your tree on the nature reserve.

Your purchase will create new wild spaces for animals, help us to maintain this reserve and to establish new ones.

Plant a tree and be a part of protecting

the environment and wildlife for

future generations. 

For the benefit of wildlife 

Forget-me-not Woods is not

otherwise open to the public.

1 tree
1 tree + a selection of flowering shrubs
A grove on 100m
Premium - 1 adult
Premium - 2 adults
Premium - 2 adults + 1 child
Premium - 2 adults + 2 children

Premium experience

We also offer a premium package where you and your family can come to the reserve and plant your tree yourself.


We will provide you with all the equipment and advice you need, give you a guided tour round the reserve, plus a campfire lunch or evening meal.

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